Our Story

Art DePaul and Alan David Kosinski have ingeniously pieced together the most incredible vision that has ever been revealed in the history of Real Estate Brokerage.

Some call it “chance” — but does anything ever really happen by chance? …or is it simply meant to be?

The Background

Once upon a time, fifteen years before Ancilla Realty, a company was formed with the intent to become a perfect real estate company. Ideas were being though out, developed, tested, and implemented. Part of the implementation was attaching itself to an up-and-coming national franchise that was similarly aligned. As this small franchised company quickly grew toward perfection, the number of agents also substantially increased. Something was being done right and it was nationally recognized. The company found itself as the center of attraction. Featured on CNBC with footage filmed in the actual office, both the franchisee and the franchisor came to larger fame.

The Connector

One very special real estate agent named Kerri was working in one of the ‘sister’ franchises of this fast growing company. She helped form and grow this sister franchise as her boyfriend became the owner/broker. Her caring attitude, wonderful personality, and the superior real estate sales training that she received, brought her to be noticed as an achiever.

When the perfect real estate company’s founder and owner, Alan David Kosinski closed the doors of the franchised company and retired, he hung his real estate license with another office of this great real estate franchise. His hundred or so agents moved on, some starting their own offices; most staying with franchise at different offices.

Kerri and Alan had been working together for years; social contact via the franchise functions was great, and Kerri, Alan, and Alan’s wife Becky enjoyed a good friendship that lasted even after both left the franchise connection behind. Kerri and Alan discussed opening a new brokerage firm, but it never happened. Kerri had realized and knew the desire Alan had and kept it in mind. Through the many years that followed they both kept in touch.

Art Interviews ‘The Connector’

Art was telling everyone he knew that he was planning the perfect real estate company the world has ever seen. It was not a franchise. It was not a licensing of brand. It was not like anything else there has ever been!

Kerri was moved by the words that came from Art’s mouth, the words that had originated in his masterful brain. Art recited the details of his plan to her as she sat in amazement. She knew Art was on to something — something big!

Arts words struck accord with her. She had witnessed and practiced much of what he was saying first hand — as an agent working with/for Alan. When finally given a chance, she conveyed this to Art with the suggestion that he and Alan meet. Art started seeing his dream come true…he recruited Kerri and she had in turn given him another lead for an agent!

The Introduction

Kerri called Alan as soon as she left Art’s office. The conversation went something like this: “Alan! You have to meet this guy I just met! We spoke for three hours and he has plans to build the perfect real estate company — just like you! His ideas are similar but different. His results are the same but his methods are different. You have to meet him!”


The next day Art and Alan got together. Both were expecting to share their ideas and recruit the other into their plans. As they exchanged information they realized there was no ‘trumping’ the other. They were both ‘in-tune’ with each other. They had similar experiences and had come to the same conclusions – although their solutions were similar their procedures were different. What happened is that they ended up recruiting each other!

Maybe it was the maturity that comes with age, maybe it was the business acumen that both had found, maybe it was the two different approaches to the same solutions, maybe it was the desire to help others with their knowledge, maybe it was desiring to place into action all the knowledge, time, effort, education, that each had into something larger than themselves, maybe it was the desire to leave a positive mark on the world as a legacy, maybe it was truly divine intervention, and maybe, just maybe, it was all the above.
After all, things do happen for a reason.

The Merging of the Minds

When men of a certain age of wisdom merge their minds for a worthy global challenge, the miracle of an astounding innovative hypothesis is born.

With all their combined business acumen and real estate knowledge, and their great ideas, there were things that ordinary men would have difficulty with, but both knew they had to conquer these emotional pitfalls or their desired goal would not be fulfilled.


These men of retirement age did not have to complete any grand task. They both had great lives and could easily have settled down in their own way. Most men at this place in their lives would have settled in, enjoyed their current positions, and retired into oblivion.
There was definitely something in them that wanted to take it easy like many of their contemporaries, but there was also something that drove each of them from complacency.

Their highly driven goal to form and grow Ancilla Realty is what allowed them to avoid the skeptical, cynical attitudes. The attitudes which would have stifled or killed off the greatness of Ancilla Realty before it ever got started.


Art and Alan both had established themselves in the real estate industry as exemplary leaders with systems that they had perfected and implemented with perfection. Each recognized the other for their respected accomplishments. The difficulties faced were how to integrate both men’s systems into one.


Most people, young and old, rich or poor, intelligent or not, all face the same problem of insecurity. People are insecure about their work and especially how it will be judged by others. People rely on the opinions of the public.

Art and Alan had to put aside all thought of insecurity, but as we all know this in itself is impossible. However, as a partnership as one of them would show symptoms of insecurity, the other would remind the other of the benefits to all who would come in contact with Ancilla Realty. This artful (pardon the pun) manner of keeping each other up, helped keep out the public judgement that would have doomed Ancilla Realty from the start.


This one emotional pitfall was both the hardest and easiest to overcome for both Alan and Art. Both wanted this Ancilla Realty company to move ahead at lightning speed, but as the months were drawn out, like the years it took to get here, both knew that delays always mean larger breakthroughs. So although those who were involved with Ancilla Realty’s start-up began to think they would never ‘officially’ open the company, Art and Alan knew it would open with even a bigger impact by taking care of the details by following the evolutionary process of such a superior endeavor.


There were many times that both as individuals and as a partnership people viewed Alan and Art as being overly enthusiastic with their massive ideas. It wasn’t so much as their ideas were simply crazy — quite contrary — their basic ideas were fine – it was the enormity that they envisioned that was so unbelievable.

During the very early days of forming the company one of Art’s favorite sayings was: ‘We drank our own Kool-Aid, and now we believe it.” What is meant by this is that nobody else could ever have believed that two older guys (young at heart as they are), could or would ever contemplate another ‘Start-Up’ real estate company. If they believed it, then maybe they could entice others to believe it also. In actuality, once the ideas were explained to someone, they magically came to ‘drink the Kool-Aid’ also.

The difference with Ancilla Realty’s cult-like following is that everyone in or associated with the company is involved to help people, not hurt them.


The most difficult part of bringing the ideas of two or more people together is the stubbornness of one or all of the participants.
Art and Alan both knew they individually had superior knowledge that they developed into operationally perfect systems that had been proven to be far superior than the current industry standards. The difficulty that they each knew they faced was how to take the working examples of excellence and convert them into one greater system.

Art and Alan each found ways to give-and-take, allowing them to entertain the tried-and-true systems that brought the other so much success in the past. If they took the easier, normal manner of ‘holding on to their individual perfections’ Ancilla Realty would have become a good real estate brokerage company. Fortunately, their intellect, passion, and common consciousness revealed that they must let go their individual ‘perfections.’ They had to put the other person first using empathy and serve each other. This enabled them to blend their partner’s accomplishments with their own. This blend is the way real estate is transacted at Ancilla Realty. It is inevitable that this and many other of Ancilla Realty’s methods will become a major paradigm shift throughout the entire real estate industry.