Moving Forward

What is an Ancilla?

It’s not an armadillo, (see above photo) which is a hard shelled creature that is lonely, cold and with poor vision. An Ancilla is quite the opposite!

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines Ancilla as: ‘An aid to achieving or mastering something difficult.’ This definition of helping people — is at the core of The Ancilla Realty Method. Accordingly, an agent or staff member is individually referred to as an ‘Ancilla.’
All of our Ancillas work together to help make your life better. Individually we are your Ancilla — and collectively, we are Ancillas for good things in your life!

This, in turn, is why our motto is:
“Moving Forward with Ancilla Realty helps good things happen!”
We are not the first to recognize the powerful meaning of the words ‘Moving Forward.’ The following are quotes from other famous successful people who incorporated the Moving Forward motion in both their beliefs and actions.