How to Rent / Landlord


Finding and screening good tenants for landlords is a specialized craft in which Ancilla Realty’s Sales Associates have been qualified and disciplined in, and over the years have fine-tuned this service. Our consistent results are helping landlords successfully choose and approve of good tenants at or above the market rental rate. We are always adding new tenant prospects to our pipeline that are looking to rent by the first or the fifteenth of the month.

If you are thinking about renting your property, now or in the next few months, we invite you to contact us without obligation, to receive additional information regarding the rental process. For example: We believe it is a good practice for the landlord or his agent to inspect the physical property of the leased premise during the lease term; generally proper notification is required to the tenant prior to inspection. It has been our practice to check in with the lessee—tenant, at least once every year.

State Law requires specific disclosures and notifications from the landlord to tenant during the leasing process. Both tenants and landlord have to comply with the law. For instance, lawyers have stated that the courts do not excuse landlords from not knowing how to handle the security deposit or for not paying the tenant the interest that may be to the tenant. Ancilla Sales Associates are familiar with these requirements and procedural obligation which include but not limited to the correct forms and disclosures: thus landlords find us as a valuable resource.

NOTE: You will never pay a fee unless or until you the landlord—owner approves the applicant and a tenancy agreement is agreed upon.

When you are ready to rent or lease one of your currently owned properties, Ancilla Realty professionals are experts who handle many rentals and leases of all types.

Landlords can also participate in our care-free professional property management services.

Call our rental specialists at (508) 428-7800 select option 3, then extension 2.