Ancilla Realty is not only changing the real estate brokerage business, but it is opening many often overlooked methods for investors to participate in the real estate field. These include the various types of investors concerning real estate.

Mortgage Backing Investors

Commercial paper or mortgage backed securities are the main choice of these investors. They are the ones who supply the money for the banks and other financial institutions that make loans on mortgage backed real estate. Many times these investors will also indulge in real estate as direct financial investors.

Financial Investors

A small percentage of this type of investor are the Mortgage Backing Investor mentioned above. Most of these investors are commonly referred to as ‘Hard Money’ lenders. They can be your neighbor, friend, or relative in the form of Direct Cash loans, ‘Self-Directed IRAs, or other ‘friendly’ loans. Anybody, with or without credentials can be a Financial Investor in real estate. We welcome people to participate in the lending programs that our other clients may use. This type of lending produces many win, win, win scenarios.

Real Estate Investors

The majority of real estate investors could be viewed simply as the Guy or Gal next door. These eager people are seemingly melding into society while attempting to build a real estate empire… or at least a worthy retirement account.

This group of people have always been on their own with no real structure, most of them buying the next real estate fad or course that comes along, not knowing how to implement it into his dreams, or worse, finding that it was just a waste of their money and time.

Ancilla Realty has a heart for these people because our founders started their real estate careers as investors. Agents were not very helpful, lenders were impossible, and the so called Get Rich Gurus were found to be almost useless.

resources for proper education and providing superior brokerage services catered to these real estate investors by helping their dreams come true.

Whether you are seeking your first property or want to add to your current portfolio, or if you simply want to invest your retirement funds or other money, or maybe just want to gain detailed information on how to become a real estate investor, we have the programs that can be customized specifically for you.

Ancilla Realty, its sister companies, and our affiliates, are here to help you with alternatives to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Certificates of Deposits (CDs), & commodities. Although Ancilla Realty itself only deals with real estate listing, sales, rentals, and business sales, most people are not aware of the many investment opportunities that are also related to real estate and businesses. The following is an outlined list of many of the possibilities to make money in real estate and business brokerage.

Real Property

1-4 Family Homes

5+ Units Residential







Private Parties

Hard Money

Businesses Opportunities


Property Loans

Furniture – Fixtures – Equipment Loans – (UCC)

Our special programs help you acquire more property, quicker, easier, with good cash flows, and at lower prices.

Test yourself on the following questions:

Are you seeking your first property or want to add to your current portfolio?

Do you want to invest your retirement funds or other cash in Notes & Mortgages?

Do you want to be involved in real estate without the hassles?

Are you one who has no money but great credit to partner into real estate properties?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, we have the investment programs that can be customized specifically for you. Our independent specialists can walk you through each step of the way, and consult with you on a case by case basis.

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