Ancilla Realty wants to make you smarter! We provide all types of real estate educational opportunities for buyers, sellers, renters, agents, brokers, investors, and the general public on various real estate related subjects. The more you learn and know about real estate and its related topics, the more success you will encounter with Ancilla Realty!

An overview of some of the educational material that is covered is:


Helpful hints and strategies to get your real estate sold!


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Everything needed to successfully purchase real estate, and more!

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Rental basics and how Ancilla Realty can quickly and easily help you as a tenant find you next home.

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Real Estate Investors & Landlords

Become an investor or expand your knowledge of Real Estate Investing with complete, detailed instruction through our sister companies using material included in selected books, courses, seminars, meetings, and workshops that are highly recommended.

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Agents Training

State Mandated Salesperson/Broker Courses (Massachusetts)

Pre-Salesperson Licensing Course (Become an agent)

Ancilla Realty offers the 40 hour of course work required to be able to sit for the examination to receive a Real Estate Salesperson’s license. We spend as much time as necessary with our students to ensure they understand the material and are fully prepared for the exam. This is the course needed to get you started in real estate!

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Salesperson & Broker Continuing Education Courses

It is required by law that each real estate agent broker receives 12 hours of continuing education every two years. We provide access to this education to all licensed agents, both Ancilla Sales Associates, Ancilla Brokers, and also real estate agents from other companies.

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Pre-Broker Licensing Course

In addition to Salesperson licensing, we also offer the 40 hour of course work required to be able to sit for the Real Estate Broker’s license examination. We review the basics and help our students understand the material and are fully prepared for the exam.

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Ancilla Realty Sales Associate Training

Ancilla Realty provides more ‘in-house’ education and training than any other real estate company nationwide! The following is part of an ever growing list of courses, workshops, trainings, and detailed programs that are offered to our Sales Associates making them the most professional real estate sales agents in the world.

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Ancilla Realty Sales Associate Certification Courses/Workshops

Ancilla Training Introduction

Agents joining the Ancilla Realty Company are shocked to find the enormous amount of training courses and workshops. This training introduction walks the new Ancilla Realty Sales Associate through these courses allowing the agent to understand the importance of each. Without this introduction many agents could get confused on where to start, and for that matter where to finish. It allows the agents to receive all the information they need to know and it does not have to be overwhelming.

Goal Setting

Most people have never truly understood what personal goals are, never mind setting and accomplishing them. Agents are no different. Although goalsetting is discussed by most agents in terms of possible desires, instruction on how to actually set goals, form a plan to accomplish them, and take action is virtually non-existent. At Ancilla Realty we take goals seriously because we know how to help every agent be as successful as they desire.

General Strategies

What makes a successful agent?

There are many tools that make a successful agent. This is where all the small stuff does matter. It’s the little things that add up to something big.

How you dress, the tone and sound of your voice, pace of your speech, posture, how prepared you are, how well you listen, your response, etc. are all examples of your behavior & character. Systems, methodology, materials, etc. are other things less personal that also contribute to your presentation.

It’s all the little things combined during the sales process that helps you to help your client using gentle persuasion to reach their decision.

Everything in life is a presentation as you attempt to persuade others to your direction, so in effect you have always been a salesperson – either a good one or a bad one. An excellent salesperson understands these techniques, and through their crafted presentation can persuade so that it does not sound prepared or contrived. One who does this in the interests of his client is the successful Ancilla Realty Sales Associate.

Did you notice the opening question? It is a strategy to induce you to read this. That is what this course is about.

Time Management

Real estate agents have always had difficulty dealing with time. Schedules get cluttered, appointments tend to overlap, and there is no place for personal time. We’ve all been there. We are physically working, but our mind is on personal things; or we are physically with friends and family and our mind is on business details. Fact is: Most of the time, both business and personal life suffer. This course shows you how to easily set your life(s) straight.


Most agents may be slightly aware of their agency relationships with customers and clients, but they do not fully understand the implications. Most states have legal boundaries that agents cross all the time, but they only realize the seriousness of their actions or inactions when they face legal, possibly criminal action because of their ignorance. As an example, Massachusetts Agency is used as a model to raise your awareness.

Company Policy & Procedures

The importance of all agents to follow Ancilla Realty’s standards and methods is strategic to both the agent and company’s success. Ancilla Realty utilizes written rules and directives that have been carefully and deliberately fashioned to ensure similar compliance in the methods and activities used in our brokerage business. This course is designed to both initiate the newcomers to Ancilla Realty’s methods, and to use it as a reference book for those already practicing our sound brokerage strategies.

Ancilla Realty agents are shown many techniques on how to correctly and ethically satisfy the buyer’s needs. Our systematic approach ensures that each transaction is completed properly, professionally, and with care. From initial meeting with the client, all the way to the closing — then even further. Ancilla Realty Sales Associates follow simple systems to ensure nothing is skipped, forgotten, or left out of the complicated process.

Buyers Specifications – Pre-Qualification

We show our Ancilla Realty Sales Associates how to properly question the buyers in order to understand their needs and wants. Then we identify what they can afford, and match their financial capability to their desires. This ensures that they are being shown properties that they can afford and that meet their specific needs. This process is the key to client satisfaction. Agents will be able to see the value in this course for both the client and themselves as it saves time, removes frustration, and produces excellent results.

Sellers Paperwork, Methods, and Techniques

Similar to our buyer’s process, Ancilla Realty Sales Associates have been trained to gather all pertinent information about the property, but usually and more importantly about what the seller’s plans are. The Sales Associate can then determine all the necessities required to ensure a smooth sale along with helping sellers to their next home or toward the path they are wishing to arrive. This system makes the transaction easier, increases sale proceeds, and ensures client satisfaction, while reducing the drain on the agents physical and mental resources.

Preparing a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis)

Smart agents attend Multiple Listing Service (MLS) trainings to learn how to prepare property reports to help the seller decide on the price for listing their property. Smarter, professional agents join Ancilla Realty and receive much more instruction on more properly preparing and presenting these most important statistics to the seller. This is the course that sets these agents apart!

Listing Presentation I – The Presentation

The most valuable tool that agents in the real estate industry must possess and use is a listing presentation manual. This course introduces Ancilla Realty Sales Associates to this spectacular instrument by both an explanation of each page’s meaning and reasoning, and how it contributes to the seller’s acceptance of the listing contract. Then an example of the presentation is conducted from beginning to end to reveal its effectiveness.

Listing Presentation II – Personalizing the Manual

The Agent’s presentation manual can be in print or on electronic media, but it must be clear, concise, and present information about the company, the agent, the sales methods and techniques. Then it must contain the numbers contained in the market analysis, the money, and listing agreement. Ancilla Realty has developed an excellent Listing Presentation Manual for agents to use as a base as they personalize the pages. This course helps the Ancilla Realty Sales Associate complete his personally adapted presentation manual.

Property Rental/Management

This information is valuable for all Ancilla Realty Sales Associates, especially those who desire to become experts in property rentals with management abilities. The concepts, thoughts, and insight learned in this course will help all Sales Associates understand how these processes work at Ancilla Realty. This knowledge in turn will help each agent at least understand the system so that they can help their clients by continually sending referrals to the property rental agents, although they may not see themselves participating in the rental or management process.

Objection Handling

Ancilla Realty Sales Associates are trained to recognize and appreciate objections as indications of an interested prospect. This course instructs agents how to tactfully handle these expected rebuffs, turning them into listings and sales! Before this training, agents fear objections, instead of embracing them for what they are—indications of moving forward.

Listing System – Expired Listings

Expired listings have always been considered one of the primary sources of listings for competent real estate agents. This course shows how the properly trained Ancilla Realty Sales Associate ends up with the listing more times than the competition. After this training, most agents begin to engage these expirees as their primary targets for success from listing these wonderful gems.

Listing System – Farming for Listings

Real estate farms are metaphorically similar to farming a garden. The agent chooses a defined area and devotes most of his skills seeding, cultivating, and reaping the rewards of his labor. The defined area may be strictly a geographical area such as all homes in a specific neighborhood, or it could be a selection of certain defined characteristics of a demographic; such as all homes with an income of $xxx; or all lawyers & doctors; or all people between certain ages. This course teaches Ancilla Realty Sales Associates how to command an area and reap huge continual rewards in the form of listings.

Listing System – FSBO (For-Sale-By-Owner)

Back in the day, For Sale By Owners were the number one source for agents listings. With the advent of electronic technology, it has taken a back seat, but is still one of the most effective ways to obtain great sellable listings. This course gives examples of where to find these sellers, along with details on how to best help them sell their property most efficiently, which of course is listing with you — our professional Ancilla Realty Sales Associate.

Listing System – Dialing for Dollars

Many times referred to as ‘cold calling’, this method of directly contacting people to inquire if they need realty brokerage services has taken a beating, similar to the FSBO. National ‘Do Not Call’ lists, phone identifying technology, and the negative responses from most recipients of the call are the reasons most agents have abandoned this method of gaining listing leads. This course teaches Ancilla Realty Sales Associates how to very effectively use this process by using ‘warm call’ techniques that bring in excellent listings.

Preparing the House for Sale

There are many things that are taken care of in the background, behind closed doors that Ancilla Realty Sales Associate does to get a house sold, but the most obvious one is preparing the house itself. The professional listing agent will educate, advise, and encourage the seller to de-clutter, clean, properly stage, paint, repair (both major & minor repairs), update maintenance, and ensure attractive landscaping, many other details. This course helps our Sales Associates get the entire job done when listing property for sale.


We educate our Ancilla Realty Sales Associates regarding how to negotiate with all parties. The information that is taught allows agents to structure situations where everyone leaves as a winner, and our client is well served. The different perspectives that are discussed show the agents how to be creative in different situations.

Sponsoring New Agents

Sponsoring is a process that aids in the enrolment of real estate agents into the Ancilla Realty Company as a Sales Associate. Those who introduce the potential associate to the company are called sponsors and can receive continuous residual income from the efforts of that new associate. This mini-course covers all the details of the Ancilla Realty Revenue Share Plan including retirement. This course also answers the numerous questions about the program, and discusses the proper way to sponsor and how not to sponsor new agents.

Agent Advertising – Marketing – Publicity

This course identifies many different methods for the Ancilla Realty Sales Associate to promote themselves, their business, their listings, and our company. It also reveals many low or no cost ways to creatively and effectively accomplish this. Where most agents in the industry only use standard advertising methods, Ancilla Realty Sales Associates have many choices to get the word out.

Higher Commissions

Most all of our higher commission methods are structured into our programs in the pre-approved forms and proper delivery of their meanings. This course reviews those areas and also points out the most commonly overlooked ways to increase commissions while delivering our more superior service. When clients find the value in our services, the amount of money we save them, and are overwhelmingly pleased with our Ancilla Realty Sales Associates, our fees are reasonable.

Property Basics

Knowing structures, designs, and mechanical systems of a house or other buildings is what this course is all about. It goes into building, electrical, plumbing, siding, windows, flooring, and also things such as types of wells, and septic & sewer systems and pests such as termites. It could be called a mini-course on home inspecting. The more Ancilla Realty Associates know, the more professional they are in solving problems.

Environmental Issues

Agents must be aware of how to handle situations concerning contamination by hazardous substances. Agents can encounter these circumstances on a daily basis. These substances include such items as lead paint & other metals, petroleum products, chemicals, mold, meth-amphetamines, and other toxins. Although the enormity of this subject is impossible to cover in any course of instruction, most of the situations that real estate agents may encounter are covered.

House Styles

It’s amazing how many people misidentify the styles of houses. This is a concern when they tell the agent the style they want and are confused when shown something different – because they misidentified. Additionally, it is even more confusing and diminishes the professionalism of agents when they misidentify home styles. With photos, sketches, and excellent descriptions this book/course solves these problems.


The details of Ancilla Realty’s courses and workshops are amazing. An overall review of the majority of our educational materials are set in this broad-ranging course. Our Sales Associates find this invaluable when trying to comprehend all the value of each course. It jogs memories, allows opportunity to review the subjects, and instills a rightfully awarded sense of maturity and wisdom.

Team Building

Top producing agents have realized that to be more efficient and increase productivity, they must build a support team. In many companies these agents are at a loss of how to accomplish this properly, and use the trial & error method – taking away from their production. This course lays out guidelines, vital information, and strategies to implement a worthwhile productive team.

Unlicensed Assistants

Many times busy agents require help to assist them in their business activities. This may be a spouse or other family member, or a hired assistant, secretary, or phone service. There is a fine line that must be observed to ensure this helper does not interact with buyer, sellers, or others improperly. The implications of violating these rules could cause all types of legal problems for both our associate and our company. This ‘mini’ course will show what can and cannot be done by any unlicensed assistant. This course is required for any Ancilla Realty Sales Associate that is hiring an assistant, building a listing/sales team, each of the people becoming involved in these positions or managing any of our brokerage offices.

Ancilla Realty Certification Programs

Business Brokerage Program

Many real estate salespeople & brokers treat business brokerage the same as real estate listings and sales. Unfortunately, they are not qualified to serve the business client correctly and properly. In fact, Business Brokerage procedures are 180 degrees opposite than real estate.

Because of the opposing methods that real estate agents use, chaos is on the horizon. If a transaction is made, the use of improper methods causing mishandling of the matter repeatedly produces lower financial outcomes and many emotional dissatisfied clients.

Business Brokerage is a very specialized and detailed business. From the initial call, through the first meeting, all the way to the final closing, it is an operation that requires many different methods, skills, qualities, intelligence, creativity, and a certain character to truly and successfully complete a business brokerage transaction.

This detailed program that includes all this is designed to develop the Ancilla Realty Sales Associate into the best professional business broker possible.

Investigation Specialist Program

The course covers researching properties from public records such as municipal offices, registries of deeds, courthouses, probate, and much more. It also covers researching people, such as buyers, sellers, or abandoned property owners.

This program is an obvious prerequisite at Ancilla Realty for anybody who is going to be assisting our customers and clients with real estate investigation services, also many agents, customers, clients, and their family members or even friends may wish enroll in this training program.

Those who become certified through completing this course are eligible to get paid for their research results by becoming an Ancilla Investigation Specialist. Real estate licensing is not required.

Ancilla Realty Career Programs

Ancilla Realty has several distinct career programs to fit your needs.

New Agent Program

At Ancilla Realty we are always seeking the next generation of top producing agents. We can jump start your real estate career while helping you to switch careers. This is done by supplying you with the education, training, and motivation techniques necessary to become a top real estate professional.

Each new Sales Associate will complete a series of basic courses that set the base of their new career. These courses include the skills needed to not only get agents through their first transaction, but to set the base for substantial growth thereafter with proven systems of success.

New Sales Associates may want more ‘hand-holding” and guidance about how to work in real estate which is accomplished in several different ways depending on the new agent’s choice. These include role playing and mentor programs that bring you to and allow you to participate directly in listing, sales, and rentals.

Experienced Agent Program

As you continue your real estate career either as a fresh new agent, or a seasoned veteran, this program is tailored to meet and exceed your needs.

More experienced agents who are new to Ancilla Realty as one of our Sales Associates may want to jump in and get started immediately. There are many ways that are very different in how Ancilla Realty does things. Seasoned agents are sometimes surprised to find how effective Ancilla Realty’s methods are once they get past the differences and put it into practice. Therefore, regardless of your level of previous experience, you will be assisted with implementing our detailed time proven success systems.

The key to your success are the numerous courses that are available to further develop the professionalism of each Sales Associate.

We are here to support you as much or as little as you wish. Our goal is to help you be as successful as you desire to be as a real estate Sales Associate.

Advanced Agent Programs

Some agents desire to further their education by training in more detailed and advanced disciplines into specialties such as Ancilla Realty’s: Business Brokerage Program, Broker/Owner Program, Sales Manager Program, Administration Operations Program, or our detailed Recruiting Specialist Program. These and several other specific certified programs will advance your knowledge allowing more specialization of your occupation.

Broker/Owner Program

Several methods are used by Ancilla Realty Headquarters to expand their territories. This program is to train either broker licensees who desire to open their own Ancilla Realty office, or those brokers who already own a brokerage firm and are joining forces by partnering with Ancilla Realty. Once commitment is made and authorized, Broker/Owners are educated on a plethora of programs, systems, documents, strategies, and procedures that will develop their new Ancilla Realty Company into the superior business it should be.

Sales Manager Program

Properly trained Sales Managers are vital to the operations of an Ancilla Realty Office.

Rising into the upper management of an Ancilla Realty Brokerage Company, this program provides the student with in-depth exposure, ongoing mentorship, and targeted training across an array of brokerage management areas.

The goal of this program is to develop the Ancilla Realty Sales Manager into an industry leader by supplying all the tools necessary to lead their staff to a professional, top-producing, real estate office.

This is the start of enhancing leadership skills as you gain experience as an Ancilla leader.

Administration Operations Program

The backbone of each of our Ancilla Realty Offices is the detailed professionalism of the administrative staff.

From the Administrator in charge, to secretaries and receptionists these are the excellent people who actually run the operations of the office. Their actions ensure the success of both the company and each individual Sales Associate. The close business relationship that these individuals form with everyone in the company, especially our Sales Associates, ensure that each transaction keeps moving forward with success.

This in-depth business training helps develop true business acumen, allowing each administration person’s growth within the company.

Recruiting Specialist Program

All Ancilla personnel, from Sales Associates, Broker Associates, Broker Owners & Managers, Administrative staff, and in some cases vendors are all allowed to participate in the Ancilla Realty Recruiting Program. This allows people who help build our company by helping us to acquire new agents, the opportunity to receive additional residual income from their efforts.

This particular training program helps you gain valuable insight which helps you to increase your personal abilities to substantially increase this residual income. This course is available to all Ancilla Realty affiliated people.