Consulting & Foreclosures

Our qualified consultants have been providing private personal and professional real estate consultation services for over 30 years. Home owners, real estate investors, business owners, governmental agencies, attorneys, and many others whom all have requested our creative techniques for solving their real estate problems.

When you have questions, we can help by suggesting creative techniques for solving real estate related problems and offering solutions based specifically on your particular needs.

Ancilla Realty’s consultants are available to answer any real estate questions you may have. Many people find that they have questions about embarrassing real estate situations. Other people just want to know if what they are doing is correct.

Top items include:

Bad Title


Loan Modifications

Short Sales

Family Matters

Estates & Probate

Condemned properties

Failed septic systems




Rental (landlord and tenants)

Unusual/Complicated Situations

Our solutions allow you and your legal Counsel and other advisors to make a sound decision that works for your particular situation.

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